The Beehive:

Where worker bees come in, make their desired honey, and then take it out into the world and consciousness, to create change on the planet. Creating climate solutions, clean water initiatives and plant medicine for the soul.

The BEEHIVE ITALY will be the first Prototype Sustainable Earth Center and collaborative space. A work-space for creative ideas in the vein of sustainable living and collaborations as well as guest lectures, performances having to do with Eco and environmental progression, recycling, and everything GREEN! The Beehive will be a retreat center and school for art, regenerative solutions, healing, writing, viticulture, organic growing, orchard growing and a number of other offers which have come in, for teaching and holding space and workshops.
We will be working like little worker bees in incubating various formats and ideas on how we can better serve the planet. Hosting several workshops to fuel the soul, feed the earth and renew the life of creation. So far we have many healers, Eco builders, Cobb house workshops, Gestalt workshops, artist exhibitions and retreats, writers residencies and vineyard growing workshops.

More info in the coming stages..


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